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.NET premiere
Dec 7, 2022Offline
Past event.NET Premiere: Performance Improvements & Cryptography
24 Jana Dekerta 30-703 Krakow, Poland

Hello, Krakow!
We take great pleasure in inviting you to our first .NET meetup in Krakow! Before heading off for the holidays, let's talk about the gift that .NET has delivered to the engineering community: .NET 7 was finally released! Our speaker, Oleksii Romanchenko, discusses the platform's improved functionality and how these changes were implemented. Shortly after, we will hear from Krzysztof Kudlacz, our senior software engineer. With a slice of pizza in one hand and a drink in the other, we will dive into the field of cryptography in .NET. Discussion, new faces, food, drinks, and a dynamic venue all build the atmosphere of a good meetup. Make connections and join the fun!
Lectures and speeches
Performance Improvements in .NET with Oleksii Romanchenko

.NET 7 was finally released! The platform’s performance has improved significantly following the update; LINQ sorting functionality became faster, and new methods have positively impacted overall performance. During this presentation, we look more closely at these improvements and how they were implemented.  

Cryptography in .NET with Krzysztof Kudlacz

Cryptography is essential in providing data security and secure communication. During this presentation, we will examine cryptographic practices from the point of view of a .NET developer. This talk will cover foundational concepts, such as hashing, encryption, and digital signatures, and gradually move toward higher-level concepts. Here, we’ll dive into the potential problems of securing passwords and examine the potential of JSON Web Tokens. We will also discuss the benefits of secret data storage within cloud infrastructures, such as Azure Key Vault.  

Pizza, 🍺, and a Closing Discussion!

No meetup is complete without a closing discussion!  Let’s eat, drink, make connections, and discuss what we’ve learned from our speakers! 

Krzysztof Kudlacz
Oleksii RomanchenkoSoftware Engineer, VentionOleksii Romanchenko, .NET engineer at Vention, has five years of development experience. As a full-stack developer, he is well-versed in both front-end and back-end development. Romanchenko has worked in HR as well as the transportation sector. During his career, he has developed a platform for testing and improving soft skills, which is used in all continents (except Antarctica).
Krzysztof KudlaczSenior Software Engineer, VentionKrzysztof Kudlacz, senior software engineer at Vention, has over 6 years of experience as a .NET developer. He is a former scientist and researcher, specializing in materials science and crystallography. Kudlacz was involved in developing algorithms for X-ray data analysis and worked on an access control system.