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Internship PHP
21a Taras Shevchenko St, 100060. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Key Responsibilities
  • Gaining an understanding concepts of PHP, including syntax, data types, operators, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming principles
  • Learning to craft and use APIs with frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter или Yii
  • Collaborating on projects that combine server-side PHP with client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Explore concepts like RESTful APIs, HTTP protocols, and web security
  • Applying acquired skills in practical projects to enhance real-world problem-solving abilities 
  • Understanding the principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and the ability to apply them practically
  • Familiarity with PHP programming language
  • Experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, or CodeIgniter
  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL (e.g., MySQL).
  • Basic  understanding of version control systems (e.g., Git).
  • Additional experience in Front-end development is beneficial, including HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • B1 level or higher in the both English
  • Ability to study 6 hours a day (hybrid format) 
About us

At Vention, we assemble senior-level, dedicated teams of developers to help fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises drive impact and achieve their goals. We’ve delivered solutions across multiple domains, including fintech, proptech, adtech, healthtech, e-commerce, and more.

Since 2010, we've built a dynamic team of 150 PHP specialists who are committed to learning and developing their skills. Project work is mostly carried out in small teams, where each developer's work can be seen and appreciated. Our tech stack is made up of Magento, Laravel, Symfony, and Drupal.

  • Enjoy personalized learning with intimate group sizes of 3-15 or opt for a one-on-one experience
  • Our dynamic curriculum offers a mix of hands-on practice and essential theory, tailored for groups or adjusted to fit individual needs
  • Give yourself at least three months to dive deep into the material in a group, or choose an individual internship length that aligns with international standards
  • Discover the industry inside out. This internship provides insights into the IT world, giving you a leg up in your future career
  • Receive guidance and support from an experienced mentor throughout your internship journey
  • Beyond learning, there's a chance for employment. Successful interns might land a full-time job with us after the program
  • Dive into real-world projects! Get hands-on experience with genuine IT challenges and see firsthand the solutions in action

Engineer your success!

Apply for Internship PHP:
Please note: Vention will process your personal data to conduct the recruitment process per Applicant Information Clause. Please take a moment to read it and check the boxes before submitting your application.
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