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Corporate Social Responsilibilty

As an international company, our offices are scattered around the globe, but our team is united by a set of common beliefs. We are committed to bettering our communities and ourselves by serving as a source of knowledge, support, and inspiration to those in need.

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Corporate Social Responsilibilty

We measure our success not by our clients’ prestige or the volume of projects that we complete, but by what we are able to give back through social initiatives and charitable contributions.
1%of the company's resources are donated to charity and paid employee volunteerism through our Pledge 1% program
10+partnerships with universities in Poland and Uzbekistan
24internal training events held in 2022
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We believe that knowledge is a cornerstone of empowerment and innovation. At Vention, we upskill our employees through internal education initiatives.
We offer elementary to intermediate+ language courses and other resources to help employees improve their communication within our global network. Vention also organizes regular meetups, allowing team members from around the world to open channels of communication and learn collaboratively.  During our 2022 fintech summit, teams from North America, Europe, and Western Asia participated in an internal educational program under the guidance of experienced fintech professionals. Teams came together to share experiences, discuss best practices, and strategize further development plans. To meet the demand for commercial blockchain projects, Vention group managers created a specialized blockchain education  program to upskill their engineers. Within four months, this peer-to-peer training initiative allowed employees to gain practical experience. Development teams even competed in a friendly crypto challenge to exercise their abilities!


Every year, the company provides financial assistance and material donations to a range of philanthropic organizations and initiatives.
We support educational institutions that empower special needs youth, including a specialized art school that allows blind children to experiment with artistic mediums.
Vention employees have visited local children’s organizations to donate clothes, toys, school supplies, and medications.  The company has also partnered with agencies that serve medically vulnerable children; Vention has donated appliances, furniture, and electronic goods, including a ZEBRA rehabilitation chair to help children with physical disabilities achieve greater mobility.

Volunteering & Community Service

Vention employees take active roles in serving their local and global communities. The pledge 1% program indicates that 1% of company time is dedicated to employee volunteerism.
Vention supports employees as they embrace hands-on initiatives. Employees in the New York office used the NYC Marathon as a fundraising channel; Vention matched existing donations as Jackson Krupp, Director of Business Development, ran on behalf of Ubuntu Pathways, an organization that provides education and career support for children facing poverty in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Teams from Wrocław, Łódź, and Warsaw have initiated animal welfare-related projects.  Employees partnered with 10 nonprofit organizations, coordinated fundraisers, volunteered in shelters, and collected supplies for homeless and abandoned animals.

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