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Internship QA
21a Taras Shevchenko St, 100060. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Key Responsibilities
  • Master various testing methods, both functional and non-functional, across platforms like web and mobile
  • Learn UI testing techniques to validate design and usability standards
  • Understand the tools and practices for API and web services testing to facilitate smooth system interactions
  • Grasp essential database management aspects, including queries, validation, and integrity assessments
  • Become proficient with bug-tracking tools and craft detailed documentation such as test plans, strategies, and cases
  • Analyze project requirements and technical layouts, cultivating the skill to interpret technical specifications
  • Develop the expertise to detect design discrepancies and conflicting requirements, vital for quality assurance in software
  • Good level of English and Russian (Intermediate or higher)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong motivation for self-development and self-learning
  • Basic knowledge of web and mobile applications
  • Ability to study 6 hours a day
About us

Vention has over 15 years of expertise building dynamic software solutions in software testing. We work with ambitious American and European startups in a variety of areas: FinTech, PropTech, AdTech, HealthTech and e-commerce. We’re united by our desire to solve complex tasks, often creating code from scratch to create a live product. Joining our team means joining an expert community focused on growth and development.

Vention has five testing departments and 350+ QA and QA automation specialists in its team. Our test automation experts host meetups where they share their knowledge with teammates and specialists from other companies. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where there is room for you to grow and develop your career.

  • Enjoy personalized learning with intimate group sizes of 3-15 or opt for a one-on-one experience
  • Our dynamic curriculum offers a mix of hands-on practice and essential theory, tailored for groups or adjusted to fit individual needs
  • Give yourself at least three months to dive deep into the material in a group, or choose an individual internship length that aligns with international standards
  • Discover the industry inside out. This internship provides insights into the IT world, giving you a leg up in your future career
  • Receive guidance and support from an experienced mentor throughout your internship journey
  • Beyond learning, there's a chance for employment. Successful interns might land a full-time job with us after the program
  • Dive into real-world projects! Get hands-on experience with genuine IT challenges and see firsthand the solutions in action

Engineer your success!

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